Top 4 Vacations That Will Boost Your Health and Fitness

Are you tired of the same old beach vacation where you can lay on the beach all day? While vacations are the best time to relax and unwind, they also give you the best opportunities to prioritize your physical and mental health and well-being. If your idea of the perfect vacation involves wellness retreats, boot camp, and even a health-conscious eco-resort, then we’ve got you covered.

Check out these top 4 vacations that will boost your health and fitness.

Rancho La Puerta – Mexico

Nestled on a 3,000-acre property sits a quaint organic farm, Rancho La Puerta comes fully equipped with hiking trails, pools and 32 acres of gardens to explore. The Mexican oasis offers over sixty activities and classes every week that involves weights, interval training, circuit training, spin class, meditation, and yoga sessions. The Mexican desert resort also has a fitness concierge that will help you create your own workout schedule to suit your health needs and fitness levels.

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The Extreme Hotel – Dominican Republic

Why not head to the Dominican Republic and enjoy this solar-powered eco hotel that sits along the beach, serving organic food straight from their farm. As the ultimate holistic retreat, the Extreme Hotel also provides fitness caps that are designed to give you and your body a jumpstart to a new workout regimen. The hotel offers traditional fitness sessions like kickboxing, yoga, strength training and more. You can even take salsa lessons, trapeze and kite-surfing to get your blood pumping.

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6 Senses Douro Valley – Portugal

Once a 19th-century manor is now a luxury retreat for those looking to boost their health and relieve stress. The resort provides a stunning view of lush vineyards and a 4-day retreat to wellness, workshops, tai chi, yoga, meditation, massages, and other fitness activities to enjoy.

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Mountain Trek – British Columbia

If you’re into hiking, make a trip to Canada and enjoy the 60day hike based on science. The trip includes hours of Nordic Fitness trekking, evening fitness session, gourmet dinner, and even a massage to make it the ultimate fitness vacation. All meals are even appropriately measured without sugar, starch, caffeine, alcohol, and processed ingredients.

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